Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Which the Lighter Later Sky Turns Into A Sea Shell

Open water at north end of Cedar Lake. Sky with clouds just starting to break up. I guess if I had been a bit later, I would have caught even better light at the lake, but I enjoyed the pink sky on my ride home.

It snowed Monday, but by Tuesday it was OK to bike. I worked late that day, and the ride home was a bit dicey—some icy spots that were not easy to see at night. Still, most of the streets were clear, and The Beast did all right. I’m enjoying riding the winter beater biker.

Today was cool and cloudy, with a temperature in the 20s for the morning ride. That was OK, and I feel like I’m getting used to The Beast and actually moved along pretty well.

I was done with work a bit after 4 this afternoon—unusually early for me. It had actually gotten a bit sunny for a while today, but the clouds had rolled back in. Still, there were some breaks, and so I decided to take the longer trail route home. And when I got to the trail, I headed down to Cedar Lake.

There’s a nice patch of open water at the lake’s north end, but still no eagles around it. I know they are in the area, but there must be too much open water on the river and too many fish to catch there—just ducks and geese on Cedar Lake today. Still, as I rounded the lake, the clouds started to break up a bit. It was a bit grey, but the day promised to end on a lighter note.

And as I rode north on the trail, the breaks in the cloud cover and the setting sun turned the sky a pretty pink, like in the inside of a conch shell. It was getting close to 5:30 and the sky is staying light later in the day, which is always nice to see.

I rode just 62 miles in January of 2014, which was a very harsh January. This month, which isn’t yet over, I reckon I’ve ridden already around 133 miles. My accounting for miles is a bit vaguer—the computer on Francis doesn’t work reliably and The Beast has no computer. Well, it wouldn’t.

Still, it’s been a nice biking January, a good start to 2015. Snow coming this weekend, but I hope it turns out like many of our snows this year—not long on the ground. Sadly, it sounds like we may get more than we’ve had in a while.

But, I’ll be waiting for the streets to be mostly clear. And I’ll be back as soon as I think it’s possible, hoping to catch a few more sea shell sunsets.

Not really the end of my ride--a bit later. The sky was starting to turn pink, but has gotten really pretty as the sun sinks. I'm in my back yard, having just filled the bird feeders. Nice glow to the sky.

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