Thursday, October 2, 2014

In Which I Have 2,369.1 Miles To Go

My miles this year. peaked in July, on the way down now.

In July of this year, I rode 688 miles. As of the end of September, I’m estimating (I only have a computer on one bike that I ride, and it’s not functioning well) that I've ridden a total of not quite 2,700 miles—2,630.9 to be imprecise (estimating, remember?). That leaves me almost 2,400 to go to reach 5,000 miles.

One of the places my bicycle took me this month--Stello Performance Hall at MMU before the STEPS induction ceremony on  Sept. 28.
I think we can call this one, folks. My personal goal of riding bicycles 5,000 miles in a year doesn't have a prayer of coming true in 2014. Well, I can’t say that I’m terribly broken up about it—the number was arbitrary when I chose in January. So maybe the goal next year should be 4,000 miles. Given the mileage trend this year, and three months to go, I’m likely to top 3,000 miles in 2014 and might approach 3,500 this year, weather willing.

Catherine McAuley statue in late afternoon light Tuesday.
My September miles were down from August, which is not a huge shock given that I work all day and can’t just bum around on bike trails. Still, if the weather is good (knock on wood), it’s been a decent biking year so far. The lowest monthly mileage was the snowy February, during which there were few biking days and I only got 38 miles in. Almost 250 in September is more than March, although less than April. Since there is a school break in it, maybe I can get more in October.

I have run into a few mechanical issues this month. The Beast broke a spoke, and I can’t fix it, and in the meantime the back wheel on the Fancy Beast has developed a wobble. I looked and did not find a broken spoke, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to deal with that problem soon. Time for experimental bike mechanical work has been short of late.

So now it’s Francis and Francis alone. I hope he holds up well! And may October rival September for beautiful biking days!

Big water bird standing in Dry Creek. Saw it Thursday while on a walk with my wife, daughter and one grandchild. I often bicycle along the Boyson Trail were I saw this, but on Thursday it was during a stroll.

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