Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In Which The Leaves Pile Up on Francis

Before the ride home. I had a warm sweater on, so did not wear the jacket, but I probably could have. It was a bit nippy, but that's OK for biking.
In the photo, it looks like either Francis has been been sitting in that rack for some time, or there were a whole bunch of leaves falling.

Fall has definitely passed it prime in these parts, although leaves are indeed still flying. We’ve had a couple of cool, windy days—and in fact, the leaf bank that Francis sits in was already there when I parked my bike in the morning—an accumulated leaf drift courtesy of Mother Nature.

Despite the cool, windy days, riding has been pretty pleasant. Wind is not too much of a factor for me, really, because my route is mostly flat and just not that long. I don’t enjoy fighting a headwind for 4 and a half miles, but when I have to, it probably just turns a 30-minute ride into a 35-minute ride.

Today, at least, the breezes have eased. It was chilly, but I so enjoyed not having to ride into the wind that I took the longer trail route home, and even went out of my way south to circle Cedar Lake before making the trek to my house.

It was just that kind of day.

Cedar Lake late in the afternoon. Bare trees, but pretty still and pretty still, too.

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