Friday, September 26, 2014

In Which I Enjoy The First Rides of Fall

Me, first day of astronomical fall, temperature in the 40s, bike jacket on. As the week warmed up the jacked got stowed again. I won't mind wearing it, though. I like a cool bike ride.

Monday morning, the equinox: In climate terms, September is the first month of fall, but in astronomical terms, fall awaits the Earth’s balancing act that happens in the final half of the month.

It had been a cool month before this week, and the first morning of fall was the first one where 40-something temperatures drove me to find my winter bike jacket. It has been located, but was used just that day—because as the dry week stretched on, the post-equinox sun was still powerful enough to give us warm days.

And Thursday, on one of those warm days, I had the pleasure of riding the Boyson Trail area with my wife. It was a slightly buggy, but still extremely nice, ride. She would argue it was nicer for me because she went first and acted as my bug screen, which may have some truth in it.

Anyway, a gallery of what the Boyson Trail and associated side trails looks like a fine fall evening when we just have time (before I have to rush back to campus for a bell rehearsal) for a fantastic fall ride:

Cheating a bit with this one. MMU campus in the afternoon, my wife and I are enjoying scones, and we've just made the decision to go home and take a bike ride. It's too gorgeous outside to do otherwise. Rest of the images are all from the ride.

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