Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Which Spring Rides Are Finally Here

Granddaughter enjoys fine afternoon weather April 5. We took our time and a long loopy route from her house to mine, including most of the Boyson trail. Here, we stop at a bridge to check out the water, one of her favorite things to do on a bike ride. I don't know, what do you think? Does she like bike rides?
Well, the week was surprisingly good, with rides every day. I had snow smack me in the face this week, and I gambled with the weather a bit, but still, 5 rides and never once did I have to use a car. That’s a pretty good week.

The weekend had good biking weather, and I managed to squeeze in a few miles (a few more than 20 between Saturday and Sunday). Time was too pressed, due to other events, but spring was sure in the air. In fact, the past three days have been about the best weather for biking so far.

Consider some biking scenes:

Birds on Cedar Lake. I went to work late in the afternoon of April 6, and made a little trial detour to tool around the lake on my ride back home.

Ducks check out street puddle during my evening ride home on April 4. Earlier in the week, I had been pelted by snow. Now, it's warm enough that the grass is just starting to look green.
Blackbird singing as sunset on Cedar Lake seen during a bike ride April 6. Actually, he was not singing. More like yelling, as blackbirds do. They don't appreciate human attention.

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