Saturday, April 26, 2014

In Which The Bluebells Bloom In Woods By The Bridge

Bluebells in bloom beside a bike trail in Marion.

It’s been getting further into spring in Iowa, the grass is green now, daffodils and tulips coming into bloom. I took a morning ride on the Boyson Trail, just to get on the other side of the Brentwood hill for RAGBRAI hill climbing practice.

Same plant, second view.
I was thinking how much more green it’s looking, but beyond the crocus and daffodils, I haven’t seen many flowers, especially outside of gardens.

And suddenly, they were there. In the low wet soil, a bunch of pretty bluebells. And once I had spotted them, it seemed like flowers were everywhere. Dandelions are suddenly dotting lawns, violets peek out from forest cover, there are anonymous small pink and white flowers among the forest grass.

Small trees are just starting to leaf out. Maples are beyond blooming and showing their tiny first leaves.

The morning ride was a bit odd—I ran into some sort of organized race along the trail that I didn't expect—but in the quiet of the woods it was nice to see confirmation that spring is fully underway.

And today I got in 19 miles--did not have time for more, but that wasn't bad. Just over 300 so far in April, and with rain coming, that may end up being it for the month.
View from the trail bridge is getting more and more spring green.

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