Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In Which The Daffodils Bloom In Passed Lawns

It was chilly this morning, again, and windy and cloudy this afternoon—but still getting more and more into spring.

Today was a flower show.

The magnolia behind Warde Hall on the MMU campus is in bloom, and I walked by it on the way back to my office after my piano lesson, so the magnolia photos are from just before my bike ride.

Three views of magnolia near Warde Hall.

Despite the wind, which made riding east or south a bit cool, I decided to head to the trail, and when I got there, I rode down to Cedar Lake before turning north. It was especially windy by the lake—a large flat expanse that the rushing air just whips across.
Choppy waters of Cedar Lake.
I noticed, along the ride in residential areas, that many daffodils are starting to bloom. I have lots coming up in my yard, but none in flower yet. I like seeing this cheery yellow sign of the new season of growth.

Later, near home, I took a loop down the Lindale and Boyson trails just to get on the other side of the Bowman Woods hill just so I could climb it. RAGBRAI training, don’t you know. Still no long rides this month—no time yet—but I’m doing fairly well, and I’ve done more than 450 miles so far this year.

Still considering that 100 mile loop ….
Lawn in neighborhood south of Rockwell-Collins--daffodils in bloom in a garden by a house. None in bloom in my yard yet, or at Mount Mercy, but they are coming up and will bloom soon.

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