Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Which We Attend Two Expos

Eldon, Brigid, Cate, Audrey and I just before the start of RAGBRAI 2013. The Team Joe shirts turn out to be biking wear, so watch for us on RAGBRAI 2013. Audrey is heading home--too sane for the road--and I am the first support driver, so my bike ride starts mid-day Sunday.

The night before RABRAI began, we were at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs for the bike expo. Lots to see, although we missed our driver safety meeting. We'll try to be safe.

At the expo, I picked up laminated day maps, courtesy of the state's hospital association. And we just gawked and walked around. It turns out, despite his massive size, CR Biker can disappear in a RAGBRAI crowd in an instant. I don't know how to use this superpower, but I will try to use it for good.

After that, we held a “tent” expo at the back yard of Paula and Dave Chicoine's home in Elkhorn, Nebraska. I'm proud to say mine is the easiest tent to assemble, hands down.

Audrey's shirt.
Then we broke out the famous “Team Joe” biking shirts and painted away. Emma Chicoine decorated Audrey's with an “I (heart)” before “Joe.” I wrote “I am” before Joe on one, and “am I” after Joe on the other.

After a filling pizza dinner, we got to bed a bit late—around 11. Wakeup was at 5 a.m. Then, we had a hearty breakfast at a Village Inn and headed over to Council Bluffs.

The bikers—Brigid, Eldon and Cate are the first bikers while I'm the first support driver—got on the road shortly after 8. At bit late by RAGBRAI standards, but the first day has only a bit over 50 miles, and despite the hills, should be OK. The weather is giving our bikers a break, with cooler temps and no overnight storm—let's hope that pattern continues.

I'm writing this using Cate's laptop at a rest stop along I 80 before the first meeting town. I've posted some images on Facebook. I'll try to update you regularly during the week.

But for now, time to get on the road. I have some bikers to meet in a town up ahead, and then Francis and I will go for the first of our cruises in the RAGBRAI crowd!
We're putting the band back together. Banded for the ride. Pretty in Pink. During the "tent expo," we put on our official RAGBRAI rider wrist bands. Me, Eldon Rocca, Brigid Rocca and Cate Sheller.

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