Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Which An Army Captain Plans To Run RAGBRAI

An Army captain named Richard Kresser has signed up for RAGBRAI, and isn’t planning to ride a bike, according to this report from KCRG.

He is running RAGBRAI to raise money for medical equipment for a veteran’s home in Marshalltown.

Well, I wish him luck. If I see him on RAGBRAI, I’ll donate some of my spare cash. I’m sure he’ll be a minor celebrity on the ride, but then again, anybody crazy enough to run RAGBRAI for such a cause certainly deserves attention more than many others who get it.

It apparently is a “thing” to leverage RAGBRAI for such causes. Zach Liddle, a UNI student, is running the route, although doing it mostly in advance of RAGBRAI. He is raising funds for cancer research, accordign to, the web site of the Mason City Globe Gazette.

Well, I wish them well. It’s a slightly goofy, but nonetheless positive way to show devotion to a cause, I suppose.

Me, I’ll be content just to complete my third RAGBRAI. The weather is super hot this week, but looks to be somewhat improved next week, although some storms are also possible.

Anyway, good luck to Mr. Kressler and Mr. Liddle.

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