Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Which a Fan Rescues a Music Star

Knock on wood, the only times CR biker has needed rescuing, he has had a functioning cell phone with him.

That wasn’t always true, of course. My dad bought my first bike, a 1966 Schwinn one-speed with balloon tires, well before cell phones were popular. I had many adventures and misadventures on a 1974 Schwinn 10-speed Continental, which was so sturdy it lasted for 30 years. And that was three decades sans cell.

But Francis has always been ridden by a rider who usually remembers his phone.

Still, my sister Brigid Rocca posted this story on Facebook, and it’s loaded with good karma. Granted, a “stranded” biker could be a setup, but I’m glad this story had a happy ending, and if I’m ever broken down without a cell, I hope some CR Biker fan happens by.

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