Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Which CR Biker Is Ready and Not Ready

Sister Brigid in cool Team Joe RAGBRAI shirt.
I feel like I could use another week to prepare for RAGBRAI.

I haven’t changed batteries in my helmet. I haven’t located the “lunchbox” box I usually store daily supplies in. I have not yet packed. I looked into installing Linux on an old laptop to blog from the road, and ran out of time. It would probably work, but I won’t be able to do it. I may still take the old clunker and still do some blogging during the week, though.

So what is ready?

  • Well, obviously the shirt. Thank you talented daughter Amanda for an awesomely cool shirt design, and Eldon Rocca for getting them printed and Brigid, the postponed twin, for modeling the look.
  • The tent.  I had a little anxiety looking for it, but it turned up. I had not unpacked it since RAGBRAI 2012, and was a little concerned about its state. It’s fine. Easy to put up and easy to part.

  • My bike and body. I still have to get more chain lube, but Francis is being very good. Recent rides have gone well, and I hope I’m not fooling myself, but I seem to be ready.

The tent, found and taken to the backyard, then laid out and then assembled. The package says it takes 2 minutes. I think it lies, but not by a lot--on a very hot, humid morning it took 10 minutes to put up. Not bad.

Well, blog pals, this may be it—the final post before the big ride. I’m sure I’ll update midweek from Des Moines, but will more often if I can and the clumsy old laptop functional enough.

Wish me luck on my third full week of RAGBRAI!

I've been on the Boyson, Lindale and Krumholz trails in Cedar Rapids and Marion a bit this week, but mostly have taken it easy. Anyway, this is the trail near Menards in Marion Wednesday morning.

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  1. Pretty sure I'm not ready - and only from the perspective of time in the saddle this summer. I've done what I could and just hope it will be enough. So far, my experience has been that the experience itself carries me pretty far. Now, to make it without psyching myself out on the long, uphill day!

    Good luck, hope to see you on the road!