Saturday, February 23, 2013

In Which The Moon Shines Over Warde Hall

Moon over Warde Hall as I pass MMU campus on my way home.
Same view as the ride earlier this week--fairly clear trail, snow abounds elsewhere.

Well, after a fun visit day with family—Nina is home to meet her new niece and new nephew and we had a family brunch—my wife and daughter were headed to the cell phone store.

It was around 5, I was alone, and so nature took its course. I went for a late afternoon, then twilight, ride.

I wasn’t sure what shape the route would be in. But I knew the city crew had already cleared the sidewalk on C Avenue, so I could at least get started.

As it turned out, the city has cleared the Cedar River Trail. There were spots I had to stop and walk over mounds of snow, places where I did the “tripod slide” that involves putting one foot down to reduce my chances of a spill—but the ride was not too bad.

As it got later, I decided to leave the trail at J Avenue and head home via my MMU commuting route. I wondered what the usually awful streets in the Kenwood neighborhood would be like.

Well, they were not good, but they weren’t totally covered in a slick later of white ice, which is a pleasant winter change. Do I thank global warming, or has the city changed its approach to snow scraping? I must say, this winter the streets have, in general, been in far superior shape following snowfalls, so if you’re doing something different, city of CR, bravo.

Anyway, I had planned to be home before 6, but what with one thing and another, did not make it until 6:30.  I began the ride with sunglass lenses snapped to my glasses, and ended running with full lights.

And it felt good. Snow is forecast for much of the work week, and I don’t know how much riding I’ll get in.

But I rode for more than an hour today!
OK, she just cut it off a box of Little Debbie cakes, but I got this late biking Valentine from my sweetie. Awww.

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