Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Which Babies Don’t Enhance Biking

On Friday: Me: I’m going to ride my bike today! Sunny day, why not?

Reality: You are going to stay up past midnight Thursday night and still not get all your work done! In the morning, your will be so pressed for time, and so fuzzy of brain, that you won’t leave home until about 20 minutes before class starts. Which equals no biking.

I was on bike exactly twice this week, which is a shame because conditions have been favorable. But life has not. Last week, one of my daughter’s gave birth to a son, and this Wednesday, a second daughter gave birth to a daughter. Two grandchildren in the space of five days—and my wife and I were the designated babysitters during hospital stays.

I know people who have young children and manage to commute by bike, but I’m not apparently one of them.

I rode one day—Monday, I think, but this week has been a blur. Wednesday I didn’t even make it to campus, I cancelled classes, which I rarely do. I did go on a short ride that day, however, as it was something to do with my 3-year-old grandson while his sisters and my wife were at preschool.

Well, babies are usually cute and grandbabies especially so. I can’t complain about the extended sleepovers, as it’s been fun to see and play with the grandchildren.

I see that there’s a chance of rain Monday and snow later next week. I’m still toying with the RAGBRAI notion. I didn’t get much riding in this week—but riding is always going to be a bit intermittent in February anyway. Spring, and more biking days, are just around the corner.

And, for now, forgive me blog biking fans, but yes, I do think this is a good excuse for missing a few days on two wheels:
Relena Morrigan Sebers, born Feb. 13 2013, 8 lbs, 12 ounces, one of two new grandchildren recently born.

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