Saturday, February 23, 2013

And The Winner is From Cedar Falls

Well, I roughly guessed the RAGBRAI route, but was not this close: The winner got 6 of 8 town in the organization's guess-the-route contest.

In the meantime, I'm moving from the "thinking about RAGBRAI" stage to "starting to make plans for RAGBRAI." It appears I'll do the whole route again, especially since it sounds like two of my siblings have similar plans, and the ride stops mid-week in Des Moines, where one of my riding sisters lives.

My wife suggested that we might use a van as a support vehicle and trade off driving--not a bad idea, if we can figure out how to fit one of Eldon or Brigid's trikes in. I will contact my brother-in-law in Fairfield, too, so see if we can arrange a stop at this house on a farm north of town.

Anyway, more snow will fall this week, so it may be some time before I start riding in earnest. But, I've done this before and feel that I can do it again, and doing it with a group again sound like fun!

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