Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sis Shows Me What’s On Beyond Lafayette

I got done with a retreat at MMU at mid-day, and headed home, where I took a nap. When I woke up, I hopped on my bike and rode over to my sister’s house.  I had talked with Cate earlier, and we agreed to meet for a 3 p.m. ride north on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail to where the pavement ends.  I had not gone north of Lafayette yet, and wanted to see what there was.

As it turned out, I got a bit lost on the way to her house due to the never-ending roadwork on 74th Street Northeast, so I was a bit late getting there.  Then we headed off into the a cool fall north headwind.

Despite the wind, it was a nice day for a ride—cloudy and cool, and only a bit breezy.  Around 10 miles north on the trail, the pavement ends at Schultz Road, and Cate suggested we carry on for about two more miles to stop for a break at the depot in Center Point.

So we did.  I didn’t start to snap any photos until the return journey, so here they are:

Starting out, Cate pauses near fall-looking maple in Center Point to put on gloves.

Headed out on crushed limestone northern part of trail.   Shadows will grow!

Combine near road that the trail crossed.  Sky is sunny with a few clouds, harvest weather.

Closed?  Not to us.  Note that across the road the trail is paved.  We really, really appreciate the paved surface!

Near end of new paving, about to get to area of "old" paving . Note how Cate's shadow has grown.

On my own, after leaving Cate at home.  Sun sets as I get ready to cross Boyson Road at C Avenue Northeast.

 It was indeed a fun ride.  The trail pavement is indeed nice, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this northern route next summer during RAGBRAI prep.  But, now it’s Saturday night and I have none of my weekend work done.  Yet, I’m feeling pretty good.  It just was that kind of a day.

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