Monday, September 17, 2012

It’s A Cool, Cool Autumn Tonight

Parked in a hallway, locked to a table, it looks like a beast peeking around a corner.  My bike in Warde Hall at MMU.  It was inside during the afternoon rain, and will take me home tonight.
A front moved through today and brought a bit of rain, which is all to the good, but the north winds behind it seem pretty chilly.

My bike, if you recall, had a broken spoke last week.  It’s back, now.  I got a call Saturday while I was out of town saying the bike was ready, and the shop was closed Sunday.  Today, at mid-day, Audrey gave me a ride.

As I rode my bike from the shop back to campus, rain started fitfully spitting.  I parked inside, locking Old Blackie to a table. Anybody could lift the table and free her, but it would be a minor hassle and the wheels would still not turn.

Anwyay, a bit of rain passed through, and now there are the cold winds.  The ride home, due in about hour, will be a bit darker due to clouds, so I’m sure lights will be called for.  I do have a very bright reflective garment—not my vest, but a similar bright hoodie—to wear.

All in all, I’m glad to be riding again.  There may be some rain later this week, but as the year cools off, the riding becomes even more pleasant—until, of course, it gets really cold and it’s not as fun anymore.

Still, despite the wind, I think I’ll enjoy my brisk ride home.  Here’s hoping the spokes all stay intact!

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