Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Fine New Helmet For A Fine Fall Ride

Me in new helmet.  I am surprised how cockeyed my glasses look, but doubt those who know me are surprised.
Audrey bought me a new helmet!

I had complained that the lights on my old one weren’t working well.  I can’t turn off the flashing red rear light on my old helmet, and when I turn on the headlight, it turns itself off after an indeterminate time—sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds.  Suddenly having that light switch off while I’m riding some dark section of a Cedar Rapids street is not fun.

Anyway, I had in mind getting just new helmet lights, but didn’t find any I wanted at my usual bike shop, Northtowne.  My sister Cate suggested trying Hall’s a downtown bike shop that she said may have more of a gadget selection.

Meanwhile, on a separate shopping outing to Wal-Mart, Audrey spotted what became my new helmet, with built-in lights, and bought it.

I’m of mixed mind.  On the one hand, I like having the lights separate because you don’t have to buy a new helmet should a light break.  On the other hand, helmets do not last forever, and as long as the light lasts for a decent interval, say two years, having to toss it when the light breaks is not a bad thing.

Well, we had a bit of a struggle with the new helmet this morning.  One of the small plastic tabs that they add when they factory-install the batteries did not want to come out and required a partial disassemble and reassemble, testing the outer limits of my modest mechanical skills.

Pumpkins at a HyVee Drug Store along the Cedar River Trail.
But, the new helmet was on my head for the morning ride.  It made me feel a little giddy, so I took the trail route, a bit of an indulgence, and shot some fall color photos.  I’ll put a few here and more on my other blog.

For now, I’ve got a new helmet and new lights in said helmet.  Not sure why this makes me happy—constricted brain blood flow?—but it does.
Sumac along the trail.

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