Friday, September 28, 2012

A Bike Ride In the Dusk

Maple leaves with almost full moon in background.  Tree is near Indian Creek along bike trail in Marion.

My wife and one of my daughters were ready to do some shopping, and suggested I might want to go on a bike ride.

Well, they were right.  It was a beautiful fall late afternoon, just after 6, the warm air of the evening getting its first twilight chill.  It was light enough to ride and take some photos, but late enough for that special autumn evening air.  Summer air, to me, can seem “used,” when it’s hot and humid.  It feels like it’s been exhaled by some large, unpleasant mammal before you event get to breath it in.  Crisp fall evening air feels fresh and new.

Ivy along new bike trail linking Cedar Rapids and Marion glows in late afternoon setting sun.
There are still some night sounds, a few die-hard crickets chirping in the woods, but since we’ve had a couple of freezing nights, the insect noises have died down.  It was quiet and comfortable as I rode along, stopping now and then to snap some fall photos.

I rode south along C Avenue to the trial that runs behind Walgreens.  There are some “road work ahead” signs posted, and the primitive trail in Cedar Rapids has been cleared of brush.  One suspects that the city is finally going to do some limestone resurfacing to match the already completed trail in Marion.

Hawthorne in Marion park near trail.  Leaves are not yet turning, but fall berries are pretty.
I rode to the Marion trail, then did the southern loop through the Frisbee golf course, back over by Menards, along a few quiet streets, through a city park and then back home via the trail and C Avenue again.

What a ride!  I needed my lights, but I enjoyed myself, and I hope you enjoy seeing some of what I saw.

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