Friday, May 4, 2012

Dodging Rain During A Very Wet Week

Bike on damp driveway before wet Wednesday ride.  Rhododendron from the same morning, encouraged to bloom by our wet, warm Iowa weather.

The photo of my bike is from Wednesday morning.  It rained through the night, and was raining early, but had ended by the time I rode.

It was the kind of week when it rained practically every night, and yet I was still able to bike each day.  The wet Wednesday morning even featured damp, but pretty, flowers in my yard.

It looks like June.  In a Flickr photo gallery of images I took today, there are blooming bachelor buttons, even a cone flowers, not in bloom yet, but looking close.  This summer flower is likely to be blooming in May.  It looks more like summer than spring today in Iowa.

Well, I hope the wet weather eases soon.  Despite the rainy week, our creek isn’t overfull, so the ground must have been pretty dry when this mini-monsoon started.  May it end before the ground is soaked.

One of my biker friends noted on her Facebook page that she had taken a Thursday night ride, and discovered that lightning made her blow out all of her old MPH records.

Well, I’ve been luckier than that.  It was cloudy this morning, but the wet smelled of lilac and honeysuckle.  This evening, I biked to a Thai restaurant to meet some other professors for supper.  The sky was mottled and ugly coming home—but dry.

And that’s about as good as it gets this week.

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