Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, Blog Fans, Peonies Are Here!

I had a little time to kill before leaving home this morning, due to riding to the KGAN studio rather than MMU campus for my first class.  This isn't really from the morning ride-it's a clematis from my back yard--but it looks pretty in the morning light and is from this flowery day.  It will have to stand in for the missing peonies!

On the morning ride today, I saw more evidence of the Apocalypse or signs that global warming might be a socialist fantasy.
Peonies are in bloom in Cedar Rapids.  Not in my yard, which due to its shady nature, is always a bit behind, and I was in a hurry, so I didn’t snap any photos along my commute to prove it, but there was a nice line of traditional pink peonies blooming away between KGAN, where I stopped for a morning tour, and campus.

Yeah, it’s nice to see the peonies. More signs that The World Is Coming To An End?  The colorful, later irises are in full bloom along my commute route, too.  Both seem more like late May, early June flowers.(By the way, while none of the iris that I planted last fall seems to have come up--typical--the "Iris Witch" who cursed my gardens didn't curse my sister Cate's gardens.  Three clumps of iris that I transplanted from her yard last year have flower buds.)

Course, if we can stay a month ahead, RAGBRAI won’t be too bad, because we’ll be having end-of-August weather rather than end of July weather.

Somehow, I don’t think it works that way.  If we’re a month ahead now, we’ll be a month behind in October, and July might be more than I’m used to.

Oh well, it was hot last year and I didn’t melt.

It’s clouding up and rain is possible.  I hope it holds off.  But the morning ride was cool and pleasant.
And full of flowers.

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