Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A sunny, warm Feb. 13 ride

On Sunday, Feb. 13, I had to do some afternoon work at Mount Mercy University, and I decided to bike.

Other than a long wait at F and Collins Road for a car to trigger the light, the ride was as expected--a bit sloshy, my butt got a bit damp--but, dang, it felt good to travel by bike again and feel a bit springy!

I present one random squirrel photo and three other images that day. The first images is , obviously, the tree rat enjoying birdseed on my deck--my dog Zoe lives there most of the time, and you can sense how intimidating she is to squirrels. As in, not at all.

The next is "snow mountains" in a Rockwell Collins Parking Lot. I like a "thaw," but to me, spring won't be here until the 12-foot tall hills of snow are gone, and they're still here.

Third is the moon in the blue afternoon sky, just looks cool to me (and I had time to kill, this is taken at the F and Collins corner while I was waiting for a car to trigger the light).

Finally, just to show the kind of day it was, a spring of water flowing down the steps of Lundy Commons after I had arrived.

Sadly, due to late night grading and time limits, I did not ride on Monday, Feb. 14, which feels a bit wrong since I love biking, it was Valentine's Day, and biking weather for sure. Well, I did ride today, Feb. 15, although it's a bit grey this afternoon. I am hoping it's not too wet or icy on the ride home tonight!

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