Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking ahead to March Madness

Not the basketball kind--the return of more reliable biking weather.

I got my hair cut Saturday afternoon, and afterwards went to the office. Since I was north of Boyson Road in Cedar Rapids, I decided to take a ride west over to my sister's neighborhood in search of the Hiawatha sidewalk alleys that eventually would let me access the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

As fate would have it, Cate and Paulette were heading out to a birthday party and saw me on my bike, which was helpful because they were able to direct met to the shortest route to the alleyways of Hiawatha. Without their aid I would have still made it, but would have had an extra hill to ride up, and who needs that?

Anyway, the sidewalk alleys of Hiawatha are a bit interesting. They provide easy routes north and south to a street (Northwood? Northlane? Northsometing ...) that leads to the trail over by Center Point Road.

It was a great afternoon for a ride--sunny and cool. Sadly, I probably won't be riding Monday (rain today, possible rain/snow mix tonight) and the weather forecast looks a bit iffy most days this week.

March! The first day will be bitterly cold, but that's OK, once the lion is here, winter can't keep its grip much longer!

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