Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Polite School Bus Driver

I cycled to work for the first time this week today. Should have gone yesterday, my wife reports that E Avenue was clear, and it was the last street I was waiting for before hopping on two wheels again.

Whatever. I'm gambling today, as snow is in the forecast, but it's not supposted to start until later and I'm planning to cycle home while there is still daylight.

The commute this morning was OK. F and E have some iffy parts, but are largely clear--yet another reason to cycle home in daylight rather than trusting my lights.

F Avenue crosses Old Marion Road at a traffic light. North of the light, F is pretty narrow, and a school bus was coming up behind me as I cycled south on F.

Well, let the record show that this school bus driver did what few in his shoes would do. He was patient. While I was 1/2 block from the light on a narrow stretch of F with snow at my side, he simply slowed down and waited.

He passed me after we both had crossed Old Marion road--on a much wider stretch of road where his passing left me plenty of room.

Going slow for 2 minutes to wait until you get to a nice safe place to pass a bike? I like the way that school bus driver was driving--it's a model for us all.

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