Monday, December 6, 2010

Icing should be on cookies, not streets

Well, snow is bedeviling Cedar Rapids once again.

On Friday and Saturday, we had about an inch of the white stuff. I shoveled my walkways early Saturday, and had to freshen the renewal late that day.

But, with sunshine and temperatures in the 20s Sunday, my sidewalks quickly became bare pavement, as did the street in front of my house.

Sadly, that cannot be said for the route I would bike to work. I am not sure what the deal is in Cedar Rapids, but snow removal, if it's not a substantial snowfall, often sucks. Major streets are well plowed, but any side streets are left under a glaze of compacted white snow--and when we get a cold but sunny day, such as we had Sunday, that means those glazed streets just stay glazed.

Which is why I'm not bike commuting for the next few days.

It makes me a bit sad, because just one follow up sweep of Lindale and E and I would be able to ride. Not going to chance it thought, I'm mindful of what happened to me in January, a fall that I described in my other blog.

Again, Ron, if you're reading this--plowing the streets would be a popular move in snowy CR.

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