Friday, December 3, 2010

Nearly a UPS Hood Ornament

I thought of posting the license number (which I was close enough to see and did write down) but thought better of it--but I had one of those biker near death experiences Wednesday, which keeps life so interesting.

I left campus around 5:30 p.m. and was pedaling home. By 6, I had reached the corner of C Avenue and Blair's Ferry Road.

When I get to that road, I push the switch for a "walk" sign, and I followed my usual pattern. Once the little yellow guy was shining, I started north across Blair's Ferry, in the crosswalk. Did I mention I had a walk sign? I thought so.

A UPS truck was coming south on C, turning to head west on Blair's Ferry. I don't know if he was stunned or just pissed to see a biker in the crosswalk, but he waited until I was fairly close, and then gunned it around the corner.

Now, he didn't really threaten to hit me. But a big brown UPS van turning in front of you (maybe 2 yards in front of you) blocks the view of any cars coming down C behind it. If someone driving behind the truck were aiming for the left lane after the turn, his or her path would lead right through my torso.

Probably not doing it, or my bike, much good.

Well, if a Taurus trailing the UPS truck smacked into me, I hope my widow would sue UPS. Sure, the Taurus driver should watch out too, but the UPS truck was first in line and the "blocker."

Yes, it's December. Yes, its full dark at 6. Yes, I was wearing dark clothing (although there i sa white reflective band on my coat). But, yes, I have a light on my helmet, and two on the bike (as well as a rear light). No way did the UPS driver not see me.

Shame on you, UPS man . Not good PR for your company. Don't drive in ways that scare the bikers.

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