Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keep on keeping on

The most distressing part of rather depressing election returns, to me, is the idea that Iowa Supreme Court judges will be recalled not because they are not competent judges or in any way failed to uphold their oaths, but due to one decision that people disagreed with.

Well, the people have spoken. The ... well, you know the rest.

Anyway, at least I have some nice cool mornings for my bike rides. I have a light nylon jacket that keeps me pretty warm, and it has a thin hood that I can wear under my helmet, so I can comfortably ride even when it gets much colder. These frosty mornings are honestly not too much of a problem.

Anyway, for no particular reason, a morning frosty photo I took just before my Nov. 2 ride. It fits my mood. A bit prickly, but life is still beautiful as long as the bike balances!

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