Friday, November 5, 2010

They pictured me in the drawings ...

There is a whole of work going on at MMU, construction on a new "University Center," and extensive renovation of parts of Regina and McAuley halls.

There are "pardon our mess" signs up, as well as stern "hardhat area" warnings, too.

And, to give us all something to look forward to, drawings of what the center and new central campus plaza will look like.

Well, I was walking around on a nice cool, crisp afternoon today, snapping photos of the construction project, along with the ME of our campus newspaper. Along the way, I paused at one of the conceptional drawings and did a double take.

I never noticed before, but I'm apparently in one of the drawings. There's some person on a bike pedaling through the crowd in a the "daytime" artist's drawing. I'm not the only bike commuter at MMU, but, since I sometimes bike to bell practice at the chapel, I'm probably the one most likely to be cycling through a mid-day crowd.

Well, glad to see I'll still be around and still biking when the new U center is reality. But, seeing the building partly take shape today, that reality doesn't seem that far off!

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