Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beetle Instead of Bike

Driving a VW Beetle, even a new one, is a little bit like riding a bicycle.

The vehicle is smaller than most cars, and puts you viscerally in touch with the road.

Of course, that was even more true with the "old school" Beetle, with it's air-cooled noisy engine in back and no power steering.

But still ...

If money were no object, I would probably drive a newer Beetle. Get one with manual transmission and it's pure driving pleasure. It's not a terrible practical car--it can suffer in a collision with a raccoon and it's clearance is just too low for an Iowa winter--but it's fun.

Anyway, it was too wet today to bike so I Beetled it. Honestly, I did enjoy getting to work a little earlier, but I did miss my afternoon ride home. Of course, today, as I describe on my other blog, I had to work late due to a city council meeting.

I missed my bike . But I liked my Beetle.

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