Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Street Work

I am not sure what they're doing on C Avenue right now, but there has been equipment, holes, giant orange plastic sausages sticking out of the ground, and a sidewalk dug up at the corner of C and Blairs Ferry.

What's been the worst aspect of the C Avenue construction is that whatever weird utility work has been going on, it hasn't just been the digging of holes and installation of some odd orange hose--but also pumping water into thsoe holes, which has left a mucky muddy mess for me to pass through on my bike.

Luckily, I avoided any slips, but my pretty new black bike isn't so pretty anymore.

Besides the odd holey rides lately on C Avenue, for the past two morning Lindale Avenue has also been blocked, forcing a detour. Not a problem on the way to work--the detour adds no distance at all to my ride, but I tend to forget to turn left at Eastern on my way home, wasting time in the dark.

Oh well . Riding on, tomorrow I"m hoping to remember my detour on the way home. And may the C Avenue hole project end soon.

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