Monday, October 18, 2010

Night Rider

Had a late night Sunday--lots of backlogged grading--so could not ride on Monday, which was too bad. Weather was great.

Anyway, on Sunday I went to the office to print some information late in the afternoon and ended up leaving for home about 6.

It was dusky, but not yet dark, and the weather was so fine that I decided to take the trail route home--a 40-minute commute rather than my usual 25-minute route.

There was still enough light for me to see, but just enough dark to make it peaceful. Twilight is often my favorite time, and I've never ridden on the trail then before.

I may again. The air was just cooling off, as it does in fall in Iowa when the sun touches the horizon. There were many others on the trial--and it made me appreciate the lights that I have and use. As the day dims, it does become hard to see those who don't have their lights shining.

Well, here's to batteries and bike lights. And here's to cool fall twilights.

And most of all, total non sequitur, but here's to my granddaughter Lizzie who turns 1 on Tuesday. Read all about it at my daughter's awesome blog.

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