Monday, September 6, 2010

To ride or not to ride?

I gambled a couple of times last week--rode my bike on Wednesday and Thursday, when rain was possible.

On Wednesday, it did indeed rain--but, I was lucky because it rained mid-day and was dry by the time I commuted home.

Right now, due to Labor Day weekend, my bike is actually locked to a rack behind Warde Hall. I rode in on Friday, and Audrey and I left from campus to go see Nina in Omaha and Ben in Ames.

Both are doing well. Neither has a bike with them, which seems a shame for healthy young college kids. I took my Continental to college with me, and it was a good stress release.

Anyway, Audrey and I will got to the gym after Skyping Amanda (we hope) this morning. Some days, I would ride my bike up there, but not today. Soon, I hope!

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