Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Possible news on the bike front ...

Well, the attempt at chain repair was a disaster.

The Wally World kit came with two different types of chain link. the first, which was a closer match with the current chain, was unusable because I could not figure out how to secure it.

No matter, I though, there was a difference link with longer posts and a spring clip, and I'll just use that. Well, after a long and frustraing struggle with unfamiliar tools--during which I managed to break the new chain link tool--I got the chain together and was ready to resume biking.

But, when I tried it, the new link was too wide to fit through my rear derailer, and when I tried really hard, I think I damaged the derailer.

Bah. Humbug.

But, my wife suggested a compromise. Rather than mess with this bike, which is long in the tooth and failing, and rather than get my 35 year old Continential fixed, she said toss both old bikes and buy one new one.

Hmmm. I'm serously thinking this is a good deal. A bike usually lasts more than a decade, and even though I'll miss the old Schwinn, I admit that, even if Cate's relative can weld the back brake brace, it may be a frame waiting to fail anyway.

Well, it may be some time before I post on this bike blog again--I am sans wheels for now. New ones on the way, I think!

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