Saturday, September 11, 2010

CEMAR, Here It Comes

I rode to work today, a Saturday--getting to that point of the semester were being a professor is a 7-day job. Those who don't teach would look at teachers in June and say "what a lazy bunch," but few would want the 60-hour weeks in September.

Anyway, on the way home I headed east on Prairie Drive. I pass the Mount Mercy University Campus edge, pass north of Regis Middle School, and arrive at the old railroad right of way that the city wants to make into the CEMAR Trail.

When completed (in my lifetime?) the trail will run all the way from the Cedar Valley trail near Cedar Lake to the Boyson Trail in Marion. Some neighbors, however, object.

I don't expect much to come of the objections. The trail, planned for years, is on public land. And there always seems this "arc" of trail opposition when one is planned--but years later, most near trails have a positive experience. (To be fair, not all--trespassing and littering can be problems and policing and maintenance are valid issue--but still, trails have far more on the plus than the minus side for most neighbors.)

I hope the trail is completed soon. I would not mind some trees or bushes if a buffer helps, but honestly I don't get the attitude of people who wake up and suddenly find the city executing plans that have been in the works for a decade.

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