Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In Which The Weather Turns

Damp CR Biker at end of Monday evening ride.
Monday: I was gambling. It was cool and cloudy in the morning, with rain being imminent in the forecast. But I hopped on my bike and arrived dry at the MMU campus. That night, I rode home in a cold Iowa May 1 drizzle.

Fortunately, while I did get cold and damp, the drizzle didn’t convert over to full-on rain. I was only a little damp, not soaked, when I got home.

Tuesday was different—the morning clouds were pretty reflected in the Rockwell-Collins pond, already breaking up. Later, it would be sunny.

Tuesday morning. The world is still cool, but it is getting pretty.
Wednesday featured a few more clouds, but was still a dry day. I shot some flower images as I rode to campus, mostly because I took my good camera since I wanted to use it on campus.

The ride home was a bit later than usual because I was a guest lecturer in an evening class. The sun was setting, but I got some pretty pictures of the colorful early evening sky at the Rockwell-Collins pond again.

It was past 8 and growing dim, but I decided to take the Lindale Trail so I could climb the Brentwood Drive hill. I encountered several groups of deer in the dim evening light, but they didn’t seem too disturbed by me.
Wednesday morning--ducks in Rockwell-Colllins pond.

Peony is damp from the evening chill, Tuesday morning.

Rockwell Collins pond on Tuesday evening.

Deer seen near Lindale Trail.

Another look at pond Tuesday night.

Tuesday morning-flowers near the bike rack at MMU.

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