Saturday, May 13, 2017

In Which Suddenly Summer Arrives

Thursday morning--seen from C Avenue bridge over Dry Creek. Hawk. Crows are keeping a watch on it.

Hope to see you all at the Bike Safety Rodeo at MMU today.

Sure, I’ll take some images and write a blog post.

I will be biking in shorts today—for the first time this year. It’s officially starting to feel like summer. I’ll have to find the Bug Soother soon, and upgrade to sunscreen made this year.

Biking this week was good. There was one day of thunderstorms, but I gambled and won. As I noted before, I rode about 22 miles on my road bike Sunday, and now have 5 days of about 8 miles each, so that adds up to one easy day of RAGBRAI.

Yes, I have to step up the miles and training. Ride to work week is coming next week, and yes, I will ride.

Graduation for MMU is next weekend. Then, I hope, I will start getting some serious miles in.

Actually I rode a few more miles than reported. This photo, for example, is form a Friday morning ride on the Krumboltz Trial in Marion. Pretty summer time look to dandelion meadow beside the trail!

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