Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In Which We See All Kinds of Fall

Fall! What a great season to be a bicycle rider.

On Tuesday, following the final day of work before break, I swung by Cedar Lake on the Cedar River Trail, and there saw more majestic water birds ready for their commute south. I've seen pelicans and egrets before, but not often at the same time.

Then today, first day of break, I rode probably 30 miles--riding to the gym in the morning, taking an afternoon ride with my grandson on the Boyson Trail and then a longer ride a few miles north on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. Not sure of total miles--I logged 21 on Argent's computer, but also rode Clarence on several rides today, and I don't have a computer on Clarence. Anyway, the rest of this post is just a photo gallery of some of the cool stuff I saw while riding my bikes during this gorgeous fall week:

Sunrise Tuesday morning, getting ready to cross Collins Road on F Avenue.

Pelican (and egret at right) at Cedar Lake, Tuesday early evening.

Zooming in on pelican. Note egret in background.

Egret takes a stroll on Cedar Lake.

I think he's posing for a photo. Egret reflections.

Wednesday late afternoon ride--milkweed behind commercial development at corner of C Avenue and Boyson Road.

It's 5:30. I'm only 3 1/2 miles north of Hiawatha trailhead, but decide I have to head home to make supper for self, daughter and grandson. Argent in setting sun parked by Cedar River Trail at turn-around point.

Sumac along trail back lit by setting sun.

I just crossed Robins Road, looking west from the bend the trail takes there. Final view of sky as setting sun and clouds makes spotlight effects.

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