Monday, October 31, 2016

In Which October Ends In Beauty

OK, not that many words. I had to work on campus today, and rode there via the trail route. Here are 24 images of a cool, but very pretty autumn bicycle ride:

C Avenue looks too pretty to be real.

Sumac along Cedar River Trail.

Grasshopper on trail.

Cedar Lake. It's about 1 p.m. but sun is so low these days the light seems like late afternoon.

Geese on Cedar Lake.

Sun and sky reflected and distorted in lake surface.

This and next few--gulls on lake.

Brigid, Eldon, starting to be more trikes on CR trails.

Creek next to lake--Mallards!


J Avenue.

Detail of that J Avenue Maple.

This and next--house with maple has lots of Halloween decorations.

Final set. I've climbed hill and am about to park bike--Marigolds are still in bloom next to Regina Hall and insects are still gathering nectar on Oct. 30.

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