Friday, October 7, 2016

In Which October Features Great Skies, Critters

Morning ride earlier this week, sun just coming up a bit after 7 turning C Avenue pond golden.

Cooling off now in the upper Midwest—I heard they had snow in South Dakota and are even talking blizzard in parts of Iowa west of here.

Not here. Maybe frost. Cool nights are starting to settle in, and this was the week I had to wear a jacket to ride one morning. But cool doesn’t bother me—in fact it make biking more pleasant—so I don’t mind.

As our hemisphere shies away from the sun, the mornings have become time to ride with lights, but also times of very pretty skies.

Later that same morning, Tuesday I think although I am not sure--sky as I arrive at top of MMU hill, Rohde Plasa.

And I think critters are starting to note the changing season—large water birds in odd places, like an egret this morning in the small Rockwell-Collins pond on C Avenue. Dinosaurs are on the move as the seasons shift.

Wednesday afternoon? Deer by C Avenue bridge in the evening.

Friday morning, C Avenue pond. Don't see big water birds there often. I am zoomed in, but this bird is pretty close--maybe 15 yards away at sidewalk-C Avenue end of pond.

Cedar Lake Friday about 5 p.m. Bird above was walking around (below).

I’ve been pretty sick the past two weeks, but still have been able to bike. I’m finally starting to feel just a little better, so here’s hoping next week also features some pleasant, cool fall biking!

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