Sunday, May 15, 2016

In Which I Enjoy Short, Cool Morning Rides

It was a bit windy and cool Saturday morning when I shot this, but the Lindale Trail looks very pretty.
Despite the gorgeous weather this weekend—sunny, breezy and cool—I could only ride a few miles in the morning. Too buried in school work.

Still, it rained Friday, and even if it was chilly Saturday morning, there is something special and nice about the cool air after a spring rain. I rode the Lindale Trail on The Beast so I could get on the other wide of the Brentwood Drive hill for a little RAGBRAI practice on a low-mileage weekend.

And on the Boyson Trail, I saw another sign. The trail is to be closed this week as a bridge project begins.

Sign on trail Saturday morning, Construction season on bike trails, too.

Well, I don’t often ride that trail anyway. It’s mostly appropriate for The Beast, and Sunday I was riding Argent to the gym.

And, like the street projects I whined a little about in an earlier post, the delays and alternative routes we face now will be worth it if we get a better trail in the long run.

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