Thursday, May 5, 2016

In Which Argent Zips to the Goose Pond

Water bottle and frame pump added to The Beast before Monday commute.

My week in biking so far:

Monday—I get The Beast out. I don’t have time, but I continue to refine it by moving the water bottle holder and frame pump from Francis.

And then I get on it and I ride.

Compared to Argent (or Francis), this is a lumbering, clumsy bicycle, not built for my size. But, it works. It definitely takes longer to get to MMU, but it will get you there. Still have not tried moving the toddler seat bar, but it’s nice that the tyres kept air overnight so that The Beast can ride again.

The Beast late Monday, about 7:15, as I prepared to head for home from MMU.

Every day not starting with M—I’ve been otherwise riding Argent. Today, I stayed on campus for a retirement reception, and it was getting late as I left. But I could not resist the siren call of the bike trail, and instead of taking the quicker way home, I opted for the longer trail route. At Cedar Lake, I photographed the pretty sky and some cute geese.

Don’t know if I’ll be singing this tune tomorrow, but today the longer ride seems totally worth it.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, although the forecast is beautiful. Whether on a slow, beastly bike or zipping on a quick road bike, it’s been the ideal spring week for biking.

Cedar Lake. I photograph the geese swimming--and catch the same birds as they exit the water.

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