Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In Which I Ride and Don’t Ride

Fogged glasses and icy beard.
Me after the ride home Monday night.
Monday: Cold, very cold. But I own long underwear and new warm winter boots, so what is a biker to do?

Get on the bike and ride. Monday, I commuted to work despite bone-chilling wind chills. It was colder in the morning, and even though it was full dark and snow was in the air as I rode home, the ride home was kind of pretty, if still a bit brisk.

But this morning, the temperature had fallen and was still on its way down, the wind was howling and a new dusting of white stuff was swirling through the air. I thought of how I had to dodge icy patches on the commute Monday—it was pretty easy, with most pavement being clear, but I did have to watch for ice—and how those bits of ice were now potentially concealed under a white camouflage, and I decided that 20 below is a bit too extreme for CR Biker.

I’ll ride in zero. I did Monday and it was fine. Not 20 below. Still, it looks like the weather will allow more biking on Wednesday and Thursday, so the week, overall, will be a pretty good one for winter.

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