Saturday, September 5, 2015

In Which I Miss The Cheese

Francis parked as visual aid near information table for MMU Bike Club--I arrive 10 minutes before the party.

The MMU bike club held a “Club Friday” this week.

Club Friday is a Mount Mercy institution. Each week, some club or organization sponsors a Friday afternoon snack fest in the University Center. Typically, the club has some members there to draw prizes, answer questions about the event and to display something about the club.

Mark, the president, and two officers, Joe (student Joe, not this Joe) and Lloyd staffed the bike club table. CR Biker (this Joe) was there as club advisor.

Lloyd, Mark and Joe--MMU Bike Club officers. Mark noted that the club is good for diversity, although those are a lot of Y genes. I agreed--noting that we let both right- and left-handed people in.

The club has not had a ride yet, although weekly rides should start soon. The holdup is that all of the bikes available for MMU students to borrow are at Northtowne getting serviced.

But soon rides will resume. All in all, except for the fact that the cheese sticks were all eaten before I got into the food line, it was a good Club Friday.

My job at the event was to be the PA system for prizes, and the club’s photographer. The event went well, and I hope a few more MMU students will join the biking trend as a result.

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