Saturday, August 29, 2015

In Which I See Nature on a Misty Morning Ride

They may be obnoxious in your yard--giant spiked plants--but thistles are nice to see in bloom beside a bike trail.

I won’t have much time for biking adventures today—a cloudy, misty sort of day. But it was not too wet for me to ride Francis to the gym this morning.

And on the way home, I briefly rode on the paved portion of the Lindale Trail.

There were two deer, but I only caught image of one.

Mist, it seems, is good for critters. Besides hearing and seeing many birds, I had a pair of young deer amble across the trail in front of me, watched a bumblebee on a thistle for a while, and encountered an unconcerned bunny by the trail.

To bee or not to bee? Buzzer on a thistle.

I think, given how foggy it was, the photos turned out OK. Now, back to work!

The morning bunny in the grass beside the end of the Lindale Trail. Maybe bunnies are colorblind and don't realize how well they stand out against a green background. Or maybe it's a TV bunny and it assume we'll replace the green with something more interesting ...

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