Monday, September 21, 2015

In Which We Travel Miles Together

Friday selfie or ussie before the ride to MMU.

Friday, we did it. My wife and I bicycle to work together.

This summer, she has been riding a lot more and many longer miles. It has not been unheard of for her to ride 20 miles in a day. The only asterisk is that she refused to change gears, so any significant hill is out.

Friday, due to the Moving Wall being at Mount Mercy, we thought it might be better to bike than drive. We were half right—the morning commute was OK, but there was one scary moment when my wife misjudged traffic on a busy cross street and ended up causing some cars to brake.

But, she made it.

However, we weren’t able t ride home Friday afternoon due to rain, and had to leave our bikes on campus when our daughter came to rescue us.

We drove down on Saturday to work at The Wall, and I rode my bike home after that. My wife’s bike was placed in the van.

Shadow of my wife on her bike on the Cedar River Trail.

Today, Sunday, we went on a 14-mile bike ride—going to see Grandma Shirley and then heading down to MMU to check on the wall.

14 miles in one gear—my wife is one tough biker.

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