Friday, August 21, 2015

In Which I See Mostly Sunny Skies

Butterfly on MMU campus Thursday.

Cloudy, sunny, windy, cool, warm—even a few sprinkles. Biking this week has been every kind of weather except cold and snow.

But it has been good. My only regret is that I’m back at work now, which cuts into my biking time.

Argent on campus Wednesday, I think. All alone for now--hope more bikes show up this semester.

The butterfly is from walking on campus, but the rest are legit biking pictures. I’ve used both Francis and Argent, depending on if I have to haul books and things.

It has been a good biking week!

Earlier this week, Tuesday. Cloudy cool morning.

Late afternoon Wednesday, Cedar Lake.

Mostly sunny Friday morning.

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