Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In Which Phlox Flowers On A 20-Mile Ride

Phlox in bloom this afternoon along Cedar River Trial near Cedar Lake.

Well, I have not matched my Monday total yet. I only rode 8 miles on Tuesday—my regular commute to and from Mount Mercy University. I was hosting a dinner that night for students on the newspaper staff, so I didn’t have a chance to add many miles.

This afternoon, around 4, I loaded a final exam into my briefcase and put it on my bike. It is “bike to work week,” and another faculty member was locking up her bike as I was getting mine ready to go.

Two views of bikes in Warde Hall rack. Francis in the middle.

Rather than head directly home, I went down to Cedar Lake and then headed north on the trail. I also rode briefly on the Boyson Road trails, so that I could climb the Brentwood Drive hill and also reach my goal today.

The goal was 20 miles. And I made it. I probably won’t ride tomorrow, due to rain, but at least it looks like I’ll bike four of five days this week—not too shabby.

No more finals, just piles and piles of grading. And after graduation this weekend, I plan to work most of next week, partly to get caught up on organizing a fall series on the legacy of the Vietnam war.

So it was a pleasant break on this cool, slightly breezy spring day, to ride those 20 miles. Honeysuckle and phlox are in bloom along the bike trails, and many people were out enjoying the trails.

Indian Creek from bridge on Boyson Road Trail.

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