Thursday, May 21, 2015

In Which I Wonder About Witchy Signs

Two views of the same sign on a street at the top of the Bowman Woods Hill. I've noticed these signs in several places, though. What do they mean?
Is it a cult? Is it a sign of Satanic practices?

No. It has “CR” markings on it, so the odd three-stick flag figure means something to the City of Cedar Rapids. These odd things have appeared in the grassy strip beside the street in my neighborhood, and I can’t figure out what they mean.

“Do not disturb,” the sign says. But it disturbs me. Something is afoot. What is it?

I took photos on my morning bike ride to the gym. Now that summer is here, the ride includes a short “figure 8” so that I can climb my neighborhood hill twice each morning. I plan to climb that hill a lot—it’s the best one around for RAGBRAI training.

And for pondering. What do the signs mean? I e-mailed the city to ask. I’ll update when I find out. In the meantime I am willing to attribute them to a group of local witches, something CR is well known for (recall the dust up with the state legislature over Wicca prayers?) I hope they're good witches, and potentially hot, like Charmed witches and not mean and green like half of the Oz witches.

Update later that day: The signs are to aid surveyors working on city projects, apparently. So says an e-mail the city sent me:

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