Thursday, May 7, 2015

In Which I Gain a Club and Dodge Rain

MMU Bike Club Logo. We'll have to get it on  shirts in the fall.

I gambled a bit today, and was lucky.

It was fine this morning, and I decided to bike to work. It was supposed to rain today, but yesterday the evening rain came and went, and I decided to hope the same would happen today.

And then, late afternoon: pouring rain, lucky there were tunnels (and Francis was parked inside Warde Hall). Evening: starry sky, just as I had hoped. It was close to 9 when I left, and it was dry.

Anyway, I am now not just a lucky biker blogger, expressing my opinions in the obscurity of the blogosphere. No, dear blog fans. I am now a certified bike leader. Of a sort.

Thanks to the work of a group of MMU students, especially Mark Mettler, Mount Mercy has a new bike club this spring. I’ve written here about the club’s first two rides.

Well, the original adviser to the club has moved on, and few days ago, Mark asked if I would be willing to serve as club faculty adviser.

Well, as I’m sure all of my students could tell you, if there’s one thing I’m full of, it’s advice. So I sort of said, coyly, “Sure, if you don’t find anybody else.”

I’m official now. See the email:

Anyway, I hope all y’all MMU students get inspired by my advice: Join the Bike Club. All of the cool kids do. And, of course, the most coolest of all the faculty members.

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