Monday, May 5, 2014

In Which Sweet Smells Accompany The Ride

Two views of pretty pink Magnolia tree in bloom on F Avenue. I have a magnolia in my back yard, but it's smaller and has darker flowers. Magnolias, whether pink or red, do swell sweet.

Early spring has a particular odor to it, and it’s not always pleasant. It’s sometimes the accumulated winter dog byproduct mixed with decaying worms on the sidewalk.

But we’re weeks past early spring now, and the air has taken a noticeable turn for the better. I was passing a magnolia tree on F Avenue NE, and stopped to snap some photos of its blooms partly due to the sweet smells this pretty pink tree was putting out. The tree is right by the street, so I couldn't help but notice it's flowers and their perfume.

I shot the magnolia in late afternoon light—it was pushing 7 by then. Later, as I was entering my house, I was impressed at how the setting sun made a blooming Rhododendron bush in my front yard positively glow.

It, the Rhododendron, doesn't give out an odor. At least it doesn't smell like a pear tree. And more sweet smells are on the way—peonies and lilacs have yet to bloom, and once those lilacs pop, well, the morning and evening bike commutes, already pleasant, will be even nicer.

Rhododendron at sunset. Another biking day comes to a close.

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