Thursday, May 22, 2014

In Which I Am Well Beyond 800 Miles

Bike traffic at Lafayette. It was a popular evening on the trail.
 I rode 36 miles today, most of that in a long late afternoon ride with my sister Cate. And those 36 miles mean I have been in saddle for 823 miles so far in 2014.

That’s not 5,000 yet, but I closing in on 1,000 miles.

Around 4 this afternoon, I cycled over to Cate’s house, and then we went west to the trail. It’s possible we snuck through a technically closed street that had stymied me yesterday.

We headed north. Cate had gone to Lafayette yesterday, and that is where we headed. It was fine, sunny and in the 70s, although there was a bit of headwind. Still, we rested at Lafayette for a few minutes and then remounted for the ride back.

To make it a slightly longer ride, and to earn supper out at Culver’s, we went down and circled Cedar Lake before heading back north. We met my wife at the restaurant, enjoyed our meals, and then headed back homeward, with lights on as the evening was settling in. It was past 8 when I got home, and definitely getting cooler.

It was a grand ride, one of many I’m sure we’ll take this summer.

The other end of the ride. Cate takes a drink as we round Cedar Lake.

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